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  • 枫下家园 / 电脑电信 / 穷人播报一个穷人优惠,Public Mobile here. We've got a great deal for you. Get 6GB of data at 4G speeds of up to 100mbps for only $22/month. Hurry, offer ends June 18, 2024. +2
    • 婦人給你點個讚
    • LINK Please +1
    • 跟一个,Fido发信,120GB+1000min US+1000min China/$45,无合约可签手机可随时取消或更改计划,要不要接?
      • 你现在要是高于 45 那就接,否则感觉没必要,付出去的是真金白银,得到的 120,1000,1000,是虚的,你基本用不到 +1
      • 不要接,fido给我的是,90GB+1000min US+1000min China/$30,无合约可签手机可随时取消或更改计划,要不要接
    • very good deal, +referral bonus (#11522871@59)
    • 这是Deal给原来的Public Mobil用户的。 新客户要这个$19/month with a 90-day subscription, 3GB Data at 4G Speed. (3个月9GB有点少) 可用推荐码: R8E4MO
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